Creative Creations

What's in that crazy mind of mine? I'm not sure anyone will ever know it all, (sometimes I can't keep up) but I'd loved to share some of my latest creations. Click up above to see the galleries.  Art really is the calm to my crazy world that never seems to sleep. The process of bringing them to life is what truly makes my heart happy and I love sharing it with everyone. ENJOY!


Like what you see? Looking for something specific? Let me know, I'm here to help you find that perfect gift or create that idea you've been imaging into reality.


Imagine being able to clean your entire house without the use of any chemicals that can cause a multitude of current or long term health issues.  Norwex is a wonder company that is Eco-Friendly, health concession, and wallet helpful.  Visit my personal page to learn of all the amazing things that Norwex can do for you and your family.  Let Norwex be the Green in your life.

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Redheaded and Green Hearted

Who Me? Yep, I'll try to share some of the things that bounce around my head at a million miles an hour, like being a Mom, Wife, Business Woman, and Artist may be exhausting but I would not trade it for anything, well maybe I would trade it for a hour long bath with no interruptions but I digress.  Click here to see some tips, tricks, and other random things that I have found and enjoy that help me be the......

Red Head with the Green Heart that I am.

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I love creating and sharing my passions, but I also love working with others to bring their own ideas and thoughts into being reality.  So, if you have any creative ideas bouncing around in your head, want a custom piece of Art or Jewelry piece, have any questions about Color Street or Norwex please send me a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible!

I'd also love to just hear your feed back and have a chat, so dive in the water's magical!

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